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“Looks like the Boston area has yet another potentially big hit in this band.  Analog Heart falls firmly, into the realm of indie/alt/rock/country music.  Youthful and fresh, their style should resonate well with multiple generations."  - The 

"An intriguing band that have yet to really scratch at their potential.  Analog heart touches on big-room alt-rock all the while easing into gritty, alt-country and blues without losing any sense of sincerity or tenderness." -

"Analog Heart is a barely-contained explosion whose music would fit well in a black-lit basement rock club or a weekend-long festival." - Geoff Wilbur’s Music Blog 

"When energy and raw talent collide, you find yourself listening to the memorable, ear-catching tunes of a band like Boston-based Analog Heart. Liz Bills' vocals soar over her bandmates' powerhouse sound, a hearty blend of indie rock with a touch of pop, and together they create music that is distinctly all their own." -

"Liz’s voice is outstanding with great range, going from lovely and sweet to rough and powerful.  Get out and see this band if they are playing a venue near you, they have an amazing sound." - Granite Coast Entertainment